Fully featured and powerful cloud payroll software.

Employees can log in to their portal any time from anywhere through any web enabled device and have access to their employment records. Additionally, staff can update their personal information, submit leave, view their shifts and create timesheets.

Pay rate templates covering base rates of pay, penalty rates and allowances for each employment typeage bracket and classification contained in the Award.
Pay conditions, such as: Overtime rules, Automated and manual allowancesPublic holiday rules, Time in lieu of overtime, Shift worker conditions.

State-of-the-art pay conditions engine with an intuitive user interface. Pay conditions will allow you to automate most payroll decision making processes.

Our intuitive rostering allows you to create shifts based on employees’ standard work hours, move shifts around simply by dragging and copying shifts from one employee/day to another. Unavailability and approved leave is also displayed so you only need to look in one area to determine staff movement.

Manage time and attendance across a range of platforms. Employees can clock on and off and enter break times via any web enabled device.

Managers have a real time view of time and attendance activity and times sheets are synced immediately. Our timesheet import function allows users the flexibility to import timesheets from a variety of sources, including CSV file formats as well as direct import from third party providers. You can also create timesheets using the roster and then allow staff to update based on their actual time worked.

Automating your core payroll functions saves time and reduces cost.

Features such as direct superannuation and ATO reporting and payents make compliance easy. Leave calculations can be managed down to an individual employee level and infrequent payments such as terminations are processed easily based on the very latest taxation rules.

Manager and employee notifications can be managed through the employee self service portal. Managers can receive regular email reminders, ensuring that they are constantly updated on employee events without needing to log in.

Highly flexible payroll setup options that cover every aspect of how you run your business. Pay your employees weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any combination of the three.

Create your pay run by combining auto-pay settings, importing pre-costed timesheets and applying expense and leave requests – all without any need for third party tools or connectors. Have 50 bonuses to process? Our import pay run functionality will have it completed within minutes! Easily manage two or more employing entities within the one business. Setup recurring pay items for individual employees or set start and finish dates for temporary arrangements.

Direct access to a full suite of payroll reporting, you can log in and run reports when ever you need them. From employee leave balances and payroll costing through ATO, taxation and superannuation compliance. Setup report packs to be automatically emailed to managers on a regular basis. Most reports can be exported into CSV or Excel files for further customised analysis or reporting.

Integrate your payroll directly with popular accounting software platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks to make yor payroll processing even more seamless. Payroll can be directly integrated with several other systems, including timesheetingpoint of sale and some specialty payroll related applications.

If there is no direct integration, payroll data can also be exported into CSV or Excel files for uploading into other systems.