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Quick & Easy Time and Attendance For Employees | Accurate Payroll Rules | Real Time Roster Management.

Time and Attendance options, online Timesheets, Mobile App and iPad Kiosk App are FREE and built in to our standard platform.

Time and Attendance options for every situation

All of our time and attendance options are fully integrated with payroll.  This means that pay rules, breaks and award conditions are calculated automatically. As a result, your employees will be paid accurately and efficiently.

Time and Attendance is easy with (optional) NoahFace Shift

At the start and end of each shift, staff approach a wall mounted tablet where they are automatically recognised. Times are accurately and reliably recorded in seconds.  This data is captured by our payroll system in real time. Subsequently, break times, rounding rules, and award rules are calculated automatically.

Photographs of each clocking event are automatically captured.  This creates an indisputable audit trail and also eliminates ‘buddy clocking’ and ‘time fraud’.

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